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Genimal Biotechnologies offers you a very wide range of DNA tests for your dog :

  • MDR1, DM are the main genetic diseases.
  • we also offer all existing DNA tests of the dog coat color.
  • Finally we offer genetic identification and parentage which allows you to prove paternity of puppies.

All our DNA tests are performed in only 1 to 6 days*

★★★★★Guyot Pierre
Société dont la réputation de sérieux et de fiabilité n'est plus à faire. Bonne information sur le déroulement des opérations. Résultats dans la semaine ! Bravo....
I am very satisfied with the accuracy of the inspection. I hope this kind of technology will develop in my country as well. Thank you....
★★★★★Catherine Giron
Très bon site ,rapide ,efficace Très sérieux...