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We provide innovative DNA tests solutions to the breeders service. We’ll ensure you always get the best Results. We hope you enjoy giving us your DNA tests.

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Our priority is to provide unparalleled, top tier service. With fully automated workflow, Genimal remains steadfastly vigilant in providing the most precise and accurate results possible due to its state-of-the-art methodologies.

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Thanks to our automated analysis robots, we deliver results in a very short time.
Інфекцыйныя хваробы : 1-3 days
Генетычнае захворванне, Colotest : 1-6 days
DNA sexing : 1-3 days.

Лепшая Цана

We do our best to provide you with the best prices on each DNA test. For breeders or a large amount of analysis, we provide quotes.

Secure DNA certificate

All our DNA certificates come with a tamper-proof verification code.

Payment in 3X free of charge

The payment in 3x free of charge is valid for any purchase from 79 €.

Best tracking

Automatic email upon receipt of your samples. Real-time monitoring of the progress of your analyzes. Permanent access to your DNA certificates.

Express result

Almost all our tests are available with the express option. By prioritizing your analyzes, we guarantee you the best possible delay.​


Download your analysis results in more than 117 languages ​​to facilitate exchanges between countries.

Multiple sending

Order a pack of DNA tests now to get a better price and then send your samples at different times within the limit of 2 years. For example, you can send 2 samples tomorrow, 3 other in two months etc.

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Our workflow is very simple…


Order the DNA test and register your animal

Collection kit

We will send you your collection kit or in some case you can use your own.


Collect your sample and send it to our laboratory


Get your result quickly by email, postal mail, SMS і г. д.

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Якасць з'яўляецца нашым прыярытэтам

Нашы высокакваліфікаваныя супрацоўнікі выкарыстоўваюць самыя перадавыя тэхналогіі 21-га стагоддзя для задавальнення канкрэтных патрэбаў кожнага тэсту ДНК.

Genimal Biotechnlologies пастаянна інвестуем у будучыню тэставанне ДНК на закупку сучаснага інструментара. Мы выкарыстоўвае аўтаматычнае бія-робатаў, якія забяспечваюць выдатны сэрвіс і дакладныя вынікі для ўсіх тэставанне мы робім.

Genimal біятэхналогіі мае больш за 10000 кліентаў і ветэрынар па ўсім свеце, якія працуюць з намі, каму мы даем найбольш выбітнай і персаналізаванай сэрвіс.

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Research & Development

Genimal is actively involved in the development of new DNA tests, mainly in the field of genetic diseases in dogs, cats and horses.

Genimal is committed to developing new protocols that is more respectful of the environment. The Ethidium bromide (nucleic acid stain) was abandoned in favor of nontoxic products. Reaction products halved in 10 years.

All of our DNA testing protocols are gradually improving towards new generation approaches that guarantee more reliable and faster results (often 1 day).

Genimal is involved in research programs on the protection of wildlife and its habitat. We work in collaboration with the ONCFS on different programs and with the animal parks.

research and development
Express option


Thanks to new technologies, GENIMAL has developped the EXPRESS option. It is an amazing fast option and guarantee results in the shortest possible time.

Infectious disease 24h

Genetic disease and colortest 72h

The next generation Express protocol is on the way and most of the genetic disease will be available in 24h in the near future.

Real time DNA test tracking

Always know the progress of its analysis.


Connecting DNA tests and security

All our DNA certificates have a security code. This code is tamper-proof.

Our website is fully secure and the access to all your data is protected.

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★★★★★Marquant Patrick
Rien à redire, résultat de l'analyse adn rapide et pas cher, le lendemain de la réception de l'échantillon.
★★★★★Carbonnier Clarisse
Très rapide plumes reçues et résultat donné le jour même top je recommande vraiment je passerais par eux désormais
★★★★★Leonard Picchirallo
Très efficace, très rapide, je recommande.
★★★★★Md Shobo
Genimal I wish you all the best for you to provide better service and move forward
★★★★★Noman Ahemad
Genimal I wish you all the best and may you continue to do well

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