ДНК, вызначэнне падлогі

12,00 - 12,50

100% accuracy

Tests turnaround : 1-3 days or Express 1 day

Samples : Feather, or Eggshell, or Dry blood on paper

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Што вызначэнне падлогі па ДНК?

DNA sexing is nowaday the best method to determine the sex of the birds. Therefore, Genimal Biotechnologies gives the opportunity to bird breeder to determine the sex of their birds with accuracy and short delay.




We can do DNA sexing on all bird species. However we cannot sexed ratites (Ostrich, Rhea, Emu) and some glossy starling.

шматразовая рассылка

Order a pack of DNA sexing now and then send your samples at different times within the limit of 2 years. For example, you can send 2 samples tomorrow, 3 other in two months etc.

1 day result

Possibility to get the result in 1 day with the express option

Method of analysis

As in humans and most animals, the sex of birds is determined by two chromosomes called “sex chromosomes”. In birds, males have two identical sex chromosomes named ZZ. However, in females, these two chromosomes are different and named ZW. Indeed, the Z chromosome is therefore present in both sexes while the W chromosome is only present in females. The method of DNA sexing realized at the laboratory Genimal Biotechnologies consists of detecting a particular gene that, although found on both chromosomes, is smaller in size on the W chromosome than on the Z.

DNA extraction

The DNA present in the sex chromosomes is isolated from the sample cells (feather cells, blood cells, etc.).

DNA multiplication

A piece of the DNA used for DNA sexing is multiplied millions of times to make it detectable.

Detection of the gene

The DNA is now detectable with a specific machine because it is present in billions of copy. In females (ZW), two bands of DNA are observed. The first band corresponds to the version of the large gene on the Z chromosome and the second band corresponds to the version of the small gene on the W chromosome. In males (ZZ), only one band is observed because both chromosomes are on the same size (Z).

Type of sample

Here is the list of the different types of samples that are accepted for this test :
  • пяро
  • Eggshell
  • Dry blood on paper

Certificate example for the test : ДНК, вызначэнне падлогі

Click on the example certificate below to open it.

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