FHV1 Feline Herpes Virus


Canvi de proves : 1-3 days or Express 1 day
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Mostres : Oropharyngeal swab, or Nasal swab, or Eye swab

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Positive: the pathogen has been detected in the sample provided. Negative: the pathogen has not been detected in the sample provided.

What is FHV1 Feline Herpes Virus ?

The Feline Herpes Virus provoke a ubiquitous disease. It is a major cause of upper respiratory infection in cats. The main symptoms are ocular secretions, nasal secretions, conjunctivitis and pharyngitis.
The virus is transmitted by salivary contact or by nasal and ocular secretions. The cats therefore transmit the virus when they share the same bowls and litter.
The virus remains permanently in the cat even if it has no more symptoms because the virus persists in the nerve cells.

What kind of sample is required ?

The swab must be done on the upper respiratory tract and in the eye if eye secretions occurred. The swab of the upper respiratory can be oropharyngeal swab or nasal swab.

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