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Se ordinate diverse analisi, i sconti si applicanu automaticamente à u vostru carrettu. I pacchetti di analisi per razza si applicanu ancu in u carrettu. Più infurmazione à a pagina di prezzu.

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Showing all 40 results

DNA testing for horses gives you valuable information about their genetic potential. Genimal Biotechnologies offer various tests:

  • The genetic disease. These tests allow you to make the right matings in order to obtain healthy lines.
  • The coat color tests allow you not only to know the exact color of your horse but also to predict the colors of the foals from this horse.
  • The genetic identification test permits to check the paternity of your horse.
  • The detection of infectious agents allows breeders to manage their breeding with serenity.

Most of our DNA tests are performed in only 1 to 6 days

" ★★★★★chappard patrice
Je suis très satisfait, résultats rapides, un tres bon suivi de commande ,laboratoire sérieux je vous le recommande!...
" ★★★★★Patry David
Très bien et très rapide pour avoir les résultats des test...
" ★★★★★Tirel Annie
Sérieux et résultats rapides Merci...