Colortest Silver


Gweithredu profion : 3-6 diwrnod neu fynegi 3 diwrnod
Bridiau : Many breeds, see product description
Samplau : Mane, or Blood in EDTA tube, or Blood in dry tube

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N/N Horse is not Silver
N/z Horse is Silver
z/z Horse is Silver

What is the Colortest Silver?

The silver coat color result in the dilution of the black pigments.

You can find more information of the horse coat color on this page.

Relationship between coat color and silver dilution

ExtensionE/E or E/e
black horse
Alezan horse
AgoutiA/A or A/a
bay horse
black horse
A/A or A/a or a/a
Alezan horse
SilverZ/Z or Z/z
Silver bay
silver bay horse
bay horse
Z/Z or Z/z
chocolate horse
black horse
Z/Z or Z/z or z/z
Alezan horse

Math o sampl

Dyma restr o'r gwahanol fathau o samplau sy'n cael eu derbyn ar gyfer y prawf hwn:
  • Mane
  • Gwaed mewn tiwb EDTA
  • Gwaed mewn tiwb sych

Available breeds for the test : Colortest Silver

The following breeds are recognized :
  • Crème (CR)
  • AES
  • Akhal-Teke (AT)
  • Anglo-Arabe (AA)
  • Appaloosa (APPAL)
  • Arabe (AR)
  • Ardennais (AB)
  • Auvergne
  • Auxois (AUX)
  • Barbe (BA)
  • Baudet du Poitou (BDP)
  • Boulonnais (BOUL)
  • Breton (BR)
  • BWP
  • Camargue (CAM)
  • Castillonnais (CAST)
  • Cheval Corse
  • Cheval de race Auvergne
  • Cob irlandais
  • Cob normand (COBND)
  • Comtois (COMT)
  • Connemara (CO)
  • Dales
  • Dartmoor (DA)
  • Dutch Riding Pony (DRP)
  • Fjord (FJ)
  • Franches Montagnes (FRMON)
  • Frison (FRI)
  • Gypsy cob (TGCA)
  • Haflinger (HAF)
  • Hanovrien
  • Henson (HEN)
  • Highland (HIG)
  • 29 other breeds are available. Display all these breeds.

Deall canlyniadau'r prawf: Colortest Silver

N/N Horse is not Silver
N/z Horse is Silver
z/z Horse is Silver
Enw'r prawf: Colortest Silver
Treiglo genynnau: PMEL17
Etifeddeg autosomal dominant (rhagor o wybodaeth)
Penetrance : complete (rhagor o wybodaeth)
Canlyniad prawfColortest Silver statwsPMEL17 )Color (Phenotype)
N/NNo copy of the Silver mutationAnimal is not Colortest Silver
Silver/N1 copy of the Silver mutationAnimal is Colortest Silver
Silver/Silver2 copies of the Silver mutationAnimal is Colortest Silver

Cross table of the test : Colortest Silver

Mother N/NMother Silver/NMother Silver/Silver
Father N/N100% N/N50% N/N
50% Silver/N
100% Silver/N
Father Silver/N50% N/N
50% Silver/N
25% N/N
50% Silver/N
25% Silver/Silver
50% Silver/N
50% Silver/Silver
Father Silver/Silver100% Silver/N50% Silver/N
50% Silver/Silver
100% Silver/Silver

Certificate example for the test : Colortest Silver

Click on the example certificate below to open it.



Sild, Erkki & Värv, Sirje & Viinalass, Haldja. (2012). The occurrence of silver dilution in horse coat colours. Veterinarija ir Zootechnika. 60. 67-71.

Andersson LS, Wilbe M, Viluma A, Cothran G, Ekesten B, Ewart S, Lindgren G. Equine multiple congenital ocular anomalies and silver coat colour result from the pleiotropic effects of mutant PMEL. PLoS One. 2013 Sep 23;8(9):e75639. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0075639. eCollection 2013.


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