Benefits of special club prices

Fully automatic, Get always a discount
Always a better price

Each member of an affiliated club automatically benefits from a reduction for each analysis performed in the laboratory. A reduction is applied from the first analysis.

More analyses More discount

The reductions will be all the more advantageous as the club will carry out a large number of analyzes per year.

No commitment

The affiliation of the club does not involve any commitment (no duration of affiliation, no minimum number of analysis per year, no exclusivity towards the laboratory etc).

Fully Automatic

The reduction is done automatically (no club code to enter etc)

Contact us to affiliate your club


Fra 0 analyse:-0,50 €
Fra 31 analyser:-0,80 €
Fra 101 analyser:-1,00 €
Fra 501 analyser:-2,00 €

The following DNA tests are not compatible with the club discount:

PDD ved serologi (Proventrikulær dilatation sygdom)
Fugl herkomst

From 0 analysis : -2.00
From 31 analyzes : -3.00
From 101 analyzes : -6.00
From 501 analyzes : -10.00