100% accuracy

Tests turnaround : 1-3 dage eller ekspres 1 dag

Prøver : Feather, or Dry blood on paper

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Positivt: patogenet er blevet påvist i den leverede stikprøve. Negativt: patogenet er ikke blevet påvist i den leverede stikprøve.
What is PBFD?
PBFD (Psittacine beak and feather disease) is the most important disease in Psittacids. This disease is widely prevalent in European and American aviculture. It occurs in an acute form and a chronic form.




Alle Psittacidae

flere sender

Order a pack of DNA tests now and send your samples at different times within the limit of 2 years. For example, you can send 2 samples tomorrow, 3 other in two months etc.

1 day result

Possibility to get the result in 1 day with den udtrykkelige mulighed

Be careful. Most birds infected with PBFD have no clinical sign of this disease. Their feathers remain perfect despite the infection.

What to do if my bird is infected by PBFD?
It is strongly advised to separate the bird infected with PBFD from other birds.

Feather shaft constriction.
Beak malformation.

Tegn på sygdom
PBFD in feather

Feathers infected by PBFD virus

Only Psittacidae.
Mainly Cockatoo, African Grey Parrot, Eclectus.




Vertikal overførsel: forældre -> children.
Horizontal transmission : between adult birds.
The virus may be transferred in crop secretions, in feces and in feather dust.

Infektion stier

No specific treatment.
A vaccine has been developed, but is not currently available.

PBFD in Liver

PBFD virus in liver

Organism : BFDV Circovirus
Kind : Single-stranded circular DNA
Gene : ORF1
Method : EP PCR


Viral DNA-ekstraktion

DNA multiplication of PBFD by PCR

Reading the result of the PBFD

Type prøve

Her er en liste over de forskellige typer af prøver, der er accepteret til denne test:
  • Feather
  • Tørre blod på papiret

Eksempel på certifikat for testen: PBFD

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