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Discover all of our DNA tests for cats: genetic diseases, infectious diseases, genetic profiling and colortests.

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Genimal Biotechnologiesoffers you a very wide range of DNA tests for your cat :

  • PKD, PKDef, HCM are the main genetic diseases.
  • संक्रामक एजेंटों का पता लगाना such as PIF, Calicivirus, FIV or Felv allows breeders to manage their breeding with serenity.
  • we also offer all existing DNA tests of the cat coat color.
  • अंत में हम प्रस्ताव genetic identification and parentage which allows you to prove paternity of kittens.

All our DNA tests are performed in only 1 to 6 days*

" ★★★★★Elevage de La Doline (France)
Laboratoire sérieux et rapide....
" ★★★★★Soso 01
Service tres rapide et fiable...je recommande......
" ★★★★☆Carole
Retour rapide des résultats des tests... Super pour le paiement en trois fois, bien pratique quand il y a plusieurs chiens à faire. Très satisfaite....