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The services, analyzes and interpretations of the laboratory Genimal Biotechnologies are exclusively subject to these conditions. These conditions will prevail over any other document in case of conflict.

Our team provides services to subject to notices, terms and conditions as set out below. By accessing, browsing, or shopping on this website, you agree to all the terms and conditions in this agreement. Please read them carefully.


The laboratory Genimal Biotechnologies executes the orders to the best of its possibilities and its knowledge. All samples must be accompanied by a request carefully completed and certified by the applicant. The accuracy of the information provided, especially the breed, species and identification, must be verified. The name of the organization or person receiving the result must be clearly indicated. This applicant, by validating his order, undertakes to respect the present general conditions of sale. Any order is considered final from its acceptance by the company Genimal Biotechnologies. Any services undertaken in accordance with the order must be billed.

निकासी और वापसी नीति

By accepting these terms and conditions of sale, you accept the conditions of return, withdrawal and refund set up by Genimal Biotechnologies.

You will find our conditions of withdrawals and refunds on this page.

By accepting these terms and conditions of sale, you agree that the analysis can be performed during the legal withdrawal period (2011/83/EU article 14.4).

Submission of samples

Genimal Biotechnologies can provide sampling equipment on request and reserves the right to charge fees for these materials, particularly if the first sample was incorrect because of untrained staff. Samples sent to the laboratory will not be returned because they are damaged by DNA extraction and then destroyed. The samples received are the property of the laboratory. The laboratory can therefore use and transform them in order to carry out the analyzes. Genimal Biotechnologies reserves the right to refuse any sample that would present an unreasonable risk of fail during its analysis. The customer agrees to this condition. The customer garantee that label and any delivered sample is not hazardous in accordance with applicable laws. Genimal Biotechnologies may proceed to the immediate disposal of a specimen when it is received, if it is deemed to be at risk, real or suspected. Any deliberate destruction for reasons involving the safety of persons may not constitute a cause of financial or other liability of Genimal Biotechnologies. Any accidental destruction of the samples can not be a cause of liability of Genimal Biotechnologies.

Execution delay

Genimal Biotechnologies will employ a maximum effort to ensure the most reasonable delays. The deadlines are given for information only and any overtaking can not be considered as a reason for breaking or contestation of price. On the other hand Express delays are deadlines committed. The delay for the Express option begins with the receipt of samples at the laboratory and subject to receipt of the regulation. The laboratory is not responsible for the delivery times of your samples, so it is advisable to use a courier service with deadlines committed. If the laboratory does not meet the Express deadline because of poor quality of DNA or insufficient amount of DNA), it can not be considered as a reason for breaking or contestation of price. If the laboratory does not meet the Express deadline for other reasons, it undertakes to refund the customer in the form of a promotional code. The results are communicated either in electronic form (sending an email with the certificate in PDF format) or in paper using standard mail. The laboratory is not responsible of the delay of standard mail when sending result by mail. When ordering, the customer chooses between one type of certificate. In case of no choice, GENIMAL Biotechnologies undertakes to send the certificates in electronic form. Customer can ask for a second kind of certificate but he will be charge.

Payment terms

The services must be paid by check, credit card, bank transfer or money order. The price is due when ordering. The order will only be executed upon receipt of the payment. Genimal Biotechnologies reserves the right to update the pricing of its analyzes at any time. The applicable rate is that in force on the day of receipt of the analyzes. Prices are per order and per customer. As such, promotional offers are valid only if the withdrawal and payment are received before the deadline of the offer.

Sample preservation and analysis reports

After transmission of the analysis results to the client, the samples and the DNA extracts will be stored for at least 3 monthes. Then Genimal can destroyed them. Copies of the analysis reports will be kept for at least 3 years.

Techniques used

Genimal Biotechnologies reserves the right to refuse any request that does not correspond to the technical skills of the laboratory. Genimal Biotechnologies will implement the analysis technique that seems most appropriate to him considering his means and his knowledge without being liable for non-compliance with a specific technique. Genimal Biotechnologies may subcontract all or part of the analyzes that do not fall within its scope of competence in a laboratory of its choice. The techniques used by the Genimal Biotechnologies laboratory are based on DNA diagnostic methods. These techniques are known to give an accurate result in 99% of cases. You have the exclusive responsibility to confirm that the techniques used by the laboratory Genimal Biotechnologies meet your prerequisites before confirming any order.

Notice to veterinary practitioners

The laboratory Genimal Biotechnologies provides analysis services but no interpretation of the results without having carried out all the complementary examinations on the animal. The practicing veterinarian is responsible for interpretation and the decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment.


The laboratory Genimal Biotechnologies undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of any patented or non-public element, any confidential technical information and to use this confidential information only for the purpose of carrying out sample analyzes and providing reports on the results. Genimal Biotechnologies and the customer undertake not to publish, reveal or communicate to third parties any information concerning the carrying out of the analyzes, the reports of results, as well as all other information which can be related. Any contact with Genimal to get an information about an order or an analysis will be subject to an authentication process to guarantee the identity of the customer.

Publication and references

The name and data of the laboratory Genimal Biotechnologies can not be used in a way that could harm its reputation or its commercial activity. Any publication by the customer of commercial results (sales support, press article, advertising, social network post etc.) must be subject to the agreement of Genimal Biotechnologies. Not respecting this condition is subject to legal proceeding. Genimal Biotechnologies reserves the right to quote the references of its customers in the context of commercial publications (brochure, sales support).

Protection of personal data

Data are stored, collect and use according to our privacy policy. This privacy policy can be read here.

Intellectual property

All elements and details of the Genimal Biotechnologies laboratory site are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of Genimal Biotechnologies. It is forbidden to reproduce, exploit, rebroadcast, or use for any reason whatsoever any element of the site without having the consent of Genimal Biotechnologies.


Samples and their shipping are under the sole responsibility of the customer. In fulfilling its mission, Genimal Biotechnologies is only bound to an obligation of means. The analytical results of the laboratory Genimal Biotechnologies constitute a first determination made according to the state of the techniques relating to the types of analyzes carried out. Genimal Biotechnologies assumes no responsibility for the uses that could be made of the analysis results provided. Genimal Biotechnologies is not responsible for the non execution of these conditions due to circumstances beyond its control. Except as provided by the applicable law regarding liability arising from gross negligence, willful misconduct or misconduct on the part of Genimal Biotechnologies, or death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of Genimal Biotechnologies, Genimal Biotechnologies will in no way be liable to you or any other person for loss of profits, loss of opportunity or loss of enjoyment, or for special, incidental, consequential, indirect, exemplary, or consequential damages , punitive or multiple, including without limitation, loss of customer, contracts, data or equipment or interruption of operation, arising from the provision of services or the failure or delay in providing such services, relying on the warranty, the contract, an injurious act or the like, even if Genimal Biotechnologies was warned of the possibility of such damages or losses. Except as provided by the applicable law regarding liability arising from gross negligence, willful misconduct or misconduct on the part of Genimal Biotechnologies, or death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of Genimal Biotechnologies, the indemnities due under the responsibility of Genimal Biotechnologies towards you relating to the provision of a laboratory analytical service, relying on the guarantee, the contract, a harmful act or other, may not exceed ten times the amount you have paid for this analytical laboratory service.

Cancellation clause

In case of fail of a contractual obligation of one of the parties, this contract will be automatically settled for the benefit of the other party without prejudice to damages that could be claimed from the defaulting party.

Law and Dispute Resolution

These general conditions of sale and execution of analyzes are subject to French law. Before proceeding with any contentious action, the parties will attempt to reach an amicable agreement. If no amicable agreement is reached, the referral to the Mediator is possible. However, in case of persistent litigation, the latter will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Saint Etienne, even in case of plurality of parties.

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