새로운 DNA 검사: 쿼터 호스의 IMM

IMM Immune Mediated Myositis Quarter Horse Genimal has developped the new IMM test for the Quarter horse breed. The IMM causes a rapid atrophy of muscles. The horses can lost 40% of the muscle mass. The horses that are affected homozygous (IMM/IMM) are more susceptible to have autoimmune episodes and recurring autoimmune incidences in comparison []

컬러 테스트 I 강도 개

새로운 색검사 : 메뚜기 나는 개에 강도

A new Colortest in the dog Intensity, locus I This DNA test determined the intensity of red pigments in the dog coat color. The dogs with genotype i/i have a low intensity of red in the coat resulting in coat color that are named silver, cream, white coat or light fawn. The name of the []

불테리어의 후두 마비

새로운 DNA 검사 : 황소 테리어의 마비 Laryngée LP

A new DNA test : Paralysie Laryngée LP – Bull Terrier The LP for Laryngeal paralysis is a respiratory pathology found in many dog breeds. Different forms of LP exist according to the breeds and the age of the dog. The LP is the inability to abduct the arytenoid cartilages during inspiration. It results in []

DNA 테스트 세부 정보

A new process 3 times faster for genetic dna tests

A new process 3 times faster Genimal has developed a new DNA analysis process for genetic testing. This new protocol is very innovative. It delivers results 3 times faster than traditional methods with increased reliability. Only a dozen DNA tests are already available with this new protocol like feline PKD, PKDef, PSSM, Degenerative Myeolopathy etc. []

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