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Increase repeatability & Decrease human error risk

Genimal Biotechnologies is a state-of-the-art laboratory. We combine our DNA expertise with recent laboratory equipment to give you the most accurate results as possible.
We always develop automation on our processes to increase the repeatability and decrease the human error risk.


All biologists working on your samples are at least a doctor in biology.


Recent equipment.
Five robots to handle the samples.
Twenty thermal cycler to amplify DNA.
Two DNA sequencer.

analyses quality


At each stage of the analysis, the changes made to the sample are recorded, dated, and localized.

Quality Control

At each stage of the analysis, minimum quality thresholds are defined. The samples below these quality thresholds do not go to the next step and are reworked until they exceed these quality thresholds. The results are validated by an independent double reading.

Qalîteya çêtirîn

Hemî ceribandinên DNA-ya xwe pejirandin

Encamek zûtir

Rêbazên herî dawî ya xwendina DNA

Buhayê çêtirîn

Hêjmarî, analîzên pirjimar, Kevne

Seranserî dinyayê

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