New DNA test : Paralysie Laryngée LP in the Bull Terrier

Felca Laryngeal li Bullterrier

A new DNA test : Paralysie Laryngée LP – Bull Terrier

The LP for Laryngeal paralysis is a respiratory pathology found in many dog breeds. Different forms of LP exist according to the breeds and the age of the dog. The LP is the inability to abduct the arytenoid cartilages during inspiration. It results in respiratory distress due to a partial to complete airway obstruction. This LP test is specific to Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier Miniature breeds. The symptoms of this pathology are difficulty breathing, a change in the tone of the dog’s way. There is also sometimes an intolerance to the effort. These symptoms can occur during crises or can be relatively constant. These symptoms appear quickly in puppies. These symptoms are sometimes associated with other neurological pathologies. Only homozygous dogs (LP / LP) causes an increased risk of LP. The LP / LP dogs are 10-17 times more likely to develop LP than healthy dogs (N/N) or heterozygous dogs (N/LP).
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