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How to place an order on the GENIMAL website?

1- you order your DNA analysis on our store.
2- you register your animals at the end of the ordering process or at the animal registration page.
3- For dog and cat DNA tests, we send you collection kits. For horse and bird DNA tests, you use your own collection kits.
3- you take the samples and send them back to
Genimal Biotechnologies
Estaing Nord 1
42140 Virigneux
4- Upon receipt of your samples, we conduct your analysis and a few days later we send you the results.

You can also watch a tutorial this video

Where can i order collection kits ?

The collection kits will be automatically shipped to you following your order of analyses on our shop. We ship your kits within 24 hours after your order.
For bird and horse DNA tests, we do not ship a collection kit. Indeed, you can easily use your own kits. You can access the sampling protocols in the menu :Help> How to collect samples?

What are the analysis turnaround?

Delays depend on the analyzes performed. You will find the delay of each analysis by selecting the desired test in our store.
Most of our tests are available in Express time. In this case, the deadlines are shorter.

Do you have receive my collection kits ?

Upon receipt of your samples, we will send you an automatic email with the analysis deadlines. It may be that this email is placed automatically in the SPAM mail box of your mailbox.
You can also track the receipt of your samples in order tracking. Order tracking is updated in real time.
If the delivery times seem abnormally long, you must inquire with the company that carries your samples (mail, carrier etc.).

What is the accuracy of the DNA tests ?

All DNA tests have an accuracy close to 100%. The DNA approach guarantees much greater reliability than older tests. You can get more information of our quality policies at this page.

What kind of sample should i send to the laboratory ?

The type of sample sent depends on the DNA test to be performed.
You can see the list of possible samples for each DNA test by going to the page of each DNA test.
Although several sample types are proposed, only one type of sample is required by DNA testing.

I received only one collection kit while I ordered several DNA tests. Why ?

Only one sample is required per animal even if you have requested to perform multiple DNA tests. Of course, the DNA tests ordered must require the same type of sample. Our shipping service makes the necessary arrangements for you to ship the necessary kits for each of your orders.

Can you send me paper certificate?

When you order your DNA test on our store, you can choose to receive them by email or postal mail. You will find on this page, the different certificates of analysis that we provide with their advantages and disadvantages. If you have already ordered a DNA test and want to change the type of certificate, you can order an additional certificate on this page.

I would like to add the image of my animal on a DNA certificate. How to do ?

You can add an image of your pet to a DNA certificate by ordering this option here.

Are DNA certificates translated into my language?

Yes, our DNA tests are available in more than 120 different languages. However, if you observe a translation error, please inform us.

Can I send the samples of an order in multiple times? How long do I have to send the analyzes ?

You can order different DNA tests and send these tests in several times within the limit of 2 years.

I would like to have the results of my DNA tests in a shorter time than those announced. How to do ?

Everything is possible ! Most of our DNA tests are available with the Express option. This option guarantees you the shortest possible time. You can add an express delay on your DNA test by ordering here. Please check beforehand that the DNA test is compatible with the express option by going to its product sheet.

Why is it recommended that a sample be taken by a veterinarian?

Taking a sample from an animal can be a simple gesture. Indeed, many customers ask us if they can perform a swab on their dog or their cat alone.
A quick answer would be yes.
However, collection by a veterinarian has two advantages. If your certificates are communicated to third parties (sale of the animal, recognition of the animal with a federation or a club), this third party may refuse your certificate. In fact, when taking the sample, the veterinarian provides and signs a sampling certificate which commits him to the fact that he has verified that the sample comes from the animal described on the sampling certificate.
The second reason is that if your first sample is incorrect, the laboratory may require the second sample to be taken by a veterinarian. If not, additional fees may be requested.

How to pay in 3x without fees?

The payment in 3x free of charge is available only for the method of payment by check and for a minimum amount of 79 €. A check will be cashed every month.
When choosing payment for your order, you must choose check payment in 3 installments without fees. Then the amount of your order will be divided by 3 and you have to send 3 checks corresponding to these amounts. These 3 checks must have reached the laboratory before or at the same time as the analyzes. The analyzes will not be processed if we do not have the 3 checks.

How to request a quote?

The quote request is only valid for orders over 150 €. To request a quote, simply add the DNA tests you want to your cart. You must then continue the process until you reach the choice of payment. Choose then to request a quote as a ways of payment. Your request will then be processed by the sales department who will send you an email with your quote. You can then validate and possibly pay your quote by following the instructions that will be sent to you in this email.

How can I check that my DNA test certificate is not falsified?

All Genimal certificates have a verification code. The authenticity of these verification codes is verifiable on this page. The slightest change in this verification code or certificate result causes an error.

Can you communicate the results over the phone?

No. The results must be communicated in writing (email, postal mail, SMS).

How to send my samples ?

Samples can be sent by regular mail.
For buccal swabs or blood samples, it is imperative to put the samples in bubble or cardboard envelopes. Genimal is not responsible for delays in the delivery of postal services. Also, if you want us to receive your samples quickly, it is imperative that you choose a suitable shipping service.

Genetic, infectious disease, what does that means ?

The GENIMAL laboratory performs tests on both infectious diseases and genetic diseases. Infectious diseases are diseases that are caused by pathogens, usually viruses or bacteria. Genetic diseases are diseases due to changes in the genetic code of the animal, of its DNA. Genetic diseases are transmitted from generation to generation from parents to children. Infectious diseases can be treated with suitable drugs such as antibiotics. Genetic diseases can not be treated at present. To eradicate a genetic disease the only solution is to cross together animals that do not have the unwanted alleles of the genetic disease concerned.

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