Neuropati jenis 2

LPN2 Polyneuropathy jenis 2 di Leonberger

New DNA test: LPN2 in the Leonberger We are happy to introduce this new DNA test that is specific to the Leonberger. This DNA test will complete our panel of genetic disease in the Leonberger breed with the LEMP and LPN1 DNA tests. LPN2 is a polyneuropathy disease. Around 5% of dogs are carried and […]

LEMP Leukoencephalomyelopathy

Ujian DNA baru: LEMP di Leonberger

LEMP Leukoencephalomyelopathy in the Leonberger LEMP is a neurodegenerative disease that affects the Leonberger breed. This pathology is due to the gradual destruction of the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerve cells. The symptoms observed are difficulty in moving, movement disorders. At an advanced stage, dogs may be unable to stand up. We are happy […]

Imm kuda

Ujian DNA baru: IMM dalam Kuda Suku

IMM Immune Mediated Myositis Quarter Horse Genimal has developped the new IMM test for the Quarter horse breed. The IMM causes a rapid atrophy of muscles. The horses can lost 40% of the muscle mass. The horses that are affected homozygous (IMM/IMM) are more susceptible to have autoimmune episodes and recurring autoimmune incidences in comparison […]

Colortest I intensity dog

New colortest : locus I intensity in the dog

A new Colortest in the dog Intensity, locus I This DNA test determined the intensity of red pigments in the dog coat color. The dogs with genotype i/i have a low intensity of red in the coat resulting in coat color that are named silver, cream, white coat or light fawn. The name of the […]

Lumpuh Laryngeal dalam Bullterrier

New DNA test : Paralysie Laryngée LP in the Bull Terrier

A new DNA test : Paralysie Laryngée LP – Bull Terrier The LP for Laryngeal paralysis is a respiratory pathology found in many dog breeds. Different forms of LP exist according to the breeds and the age of the dog. The LP is the inability to abduct the arytenoid cartilages during inspiration. It results in […]

Butiran ujian DNA

Proses baru 3 kali lebih cepat untuk ujian DNA genetik

Proses baru Genimal 3 kali lebih cepat telah membangunkan proses analisis DNA baru untuk ujian genetik. Protokol baru ini sangat inovatif. Ia memberikan hasil 3 kali lebih cepat daripada kaedah tradisional dengan peningkatan kebolehpercayaan. Hanya sedozen ujian DNA yang sudah tersedia dengan protokol baru ini seperti PKD kucing, PKDef, PSSM, Degenerative Myeolopathy dan lain-lain […]

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