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Discover all of our DNA tests for dogs: genetic diseases, genetic profiling and colortests.

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Uri l-Filtri

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Genimal Biotechnologies offers you all the DNA tests available for birds :

  • DNA sess is a major test that will allow breeders to form couples with certainty.
  • Sejbien ta' aġenti infettivi such as PBFD or chlamydiosis allows breeders to manage their breeding with serenity.
  • Fl-aħħar nett, aħna noffru exclusive tests such as the detection of intestinal parasites or even parentage between birds.

All our DNA tests are performed in only 1 to 6 days

" ★★★★★Rudy Noel
tres rapide tres sérieux et surtout certificat bien detaillier super bravo...
" ★★★★★Deny léa (France)
Rapide et dans le temps. Très contente....
" ★★★★★sébastien guy
Ravi du service....