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Cat Blood Group by DNA
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Cat Blood Group by DNA


Optimized blood group test for breeding purpose.

Two mutations tested CMAH139 and CMAH 136

Tests turnaround : 3-6 days or Express 3 days
Breeds : Many breeds, see product description
Samples : Buccal swab, or Blood in EDTA tube


Cat Blood Group by DNA

Cats blood group

In cats there are 3 blood groups: A, B and AB.
Group A is largely the most common while Group B is much less common. The AB group is very rare.
The geographical origin of the cats would also have an influence on the frequencies of the different blood groups.
The blood group is of genetic origin and is predominantly determined by the CMAH gene. There are several versions of this gene (allele) A, AB or b.
Each individual carries 2 alleles of this gene.

Which test to choose: blood group DNA or serology?

Your goal is breeding

If you are a breeder, you need to choose this blood group test by DNA in order to make the right breeding choices for your breeders. The serological blood test will not protect you from neonatal erythrolysis. there is also a specific blood group DNA test for Ragdoll

Your cat must be transfused

If your cat needs to be transfused, you must choose the blood group test by serology to protect you from blood incompatibilities.

blood transfusion in cats
Blood transfusion in a cat

Correspondence between blood group and genotypes

Blood Group (Serotyping)ABAB
Possible allelesA/AA/ABA/bAB/bb/bAB/AB
DNA mutation test b (Genotyping)non-b/non-bnon-b/non-bnon-b/bb/bnon-b/non-bnon-b/b
The A allele is dominant on the AB allele which is dominant on the b allele

Blood group and neonatal erythrolysis

Unlike humans, there is no rhesus or universal donor in cats. Group A cats have autoantibodies against group B (antiB), and conversely group B cats have autoantibodies against group A (antiA). Cats in the AB group do not have autoantibodies. Neonatal erythrolysis of the kitten occurs mainly when the mother is in group B and the father is in group A. Group A kittens take their mother’s group A (antiA) autoantibodies while breastfeeding maternal milk. The red blood cells of the kitten are destroyed and it dies quickly. The opposite case also exists (mother of group A and kitten of group B) but it causes reactions less important.

Blood group and blood transfusion

Transfusing a group B cat with blood from a group A cat results in the death of the recipient after a few minutes causing acute haemolytic anemia. Conversely, transfusing a group B cat with blood from a group A cat does not lead to such a important reaction: there is a decrease in the life of red blood cells.

Blood group crossings by DNA

The DNA test is used to determine whether the breeding stock (mother and father) are b / b (blood group B), non-b / b (blood group A or AB) or non-b / non-b (blood type A or AB). In the cross-breeding table below, it can be seen that the DNA test makes it easy to choose breeding stock for breeding to avoid neonatal erythrolysis. This table must be performed independently with the two mutations that we provide: the very large majority mutation CMAH139 and the minority mutation CMAH136.
Mother b/bMother non-b/bMother non-b/non-b
Father b/b100% of kittens b/b50% of kittens b/b 50% of kittens non-b/b100% of kittens non-b/b
Father non-b/b50% of kittens b/b 50% of kittens non-b/b25% of kittens b/b 50% of kittens non-b/b 25% of kittens non-b/non-b50% of kittens non-b/b 50% of kittens non-b/non-b
Father non-b/non-b100% of kittens non-b/b50% of kittens non-b/b 50% of kittens non-b/non-b100% of kittens non-b/non-b
In the table above, the results circled in red correspond to kittens who will undergo significant neonatal erythrolysis if they are breastfed by their mother. The results circled in orange correspond to kittens who will undergo neonatal erythrolysis but with relatively mild symptoms. The results circled in green correspond to kittens that present no risk of neonatal erythrolysis. It is therefore advisable to make crosses with a sire and a mother without causing any risk of neonatal erytrolysis. Otherwise, the breeder must remove the kittens from their mother in order to feed them with artificial food.

Frequency of blood groups in different breeds of cat

Group AGroup BGroup AB
Abyssin86 à 95 %3 à 14 %< 1 %
American Shorthair99 à 100 %0 à 1%< 1 %
Sacré de Birmanie82 à 87 %9 à 18 %< 1 %
British Shorthair60 à 64 %35 à 36 %< 1 %
Burmese99 à 11 %0 à 1 %< 1 %
Cornish Rex~67 %~33 %< 1 %
Devon Rex56 à 59 %41 à 44 %< 1 %
Ecotic Shorthair73 à 100 %0 à 27 %< 1 %
Himalayan~94 %~6 %< 1 %
Bobtail Japonais~84 %~16 %< 1 %
Ragdoll~58 %~29 %< 1 %
Maine Coon94 à 97 %3 à 6 %< 1 %
Norvégien93 à 100 %0 à 7 %< 1 %
Oriental~100 %< 1 %< 1 %
Persan73 à 86 %13 à 14 %< 1 %
Bleu Russe~100 %< 1 %< 1 %
Scottish Fold~81 %~19 %< 1 %
Siamois~100 %< 1 %< 1 %
Somali77 à 82 %17 à 18 %< 1 %
Sphynx~83 %~17 %< 1 %
Tonkinois~100 %< 1 %< 1 %
Angora Turc~100 %< 1 %< 1 %
Source: Université de Pennsylvanie

The optimized test at Genimal

The methods conventionally used to test the blood group of cats by DNA are not 100% reliable. The work of the Tasker team in 2014 clearly demonstrates that the analysis of 5’UTR Δ-53 or G139A (CMAH139) mutations carried out by the laboratories leads to discordant results observed by some breeders. The research team Tasker et al. demonstrate that the C136T mutation (CMAH136) must also be analyzed in addition to one of the mutations above. The GENIMAL laboratory now offers you, for the blood group test by DNA, the analysis of the C136T mutation (CMAH136) in addition to the G139A mutation (CMAH139).

Type of sample

Here is the list of the different types of samples that are accepted for this test :
  • Buccal swab
  • Blood in EDTA tube

Available breeds for the test : Cat Blood Group by DNA

The following breeds are recognized :
  • Abyssin
  • American Curl
  • American Shorthair
  • American Wirehair
  • Asian
  • Autre Race
  • Balinais
  • Bengal
  • Bleu Russe
  • Bobtail Americain
  • Bobtail Des Kouriles
  • Bobtail Japonais
  • Bombay
  • British Longhair
  • British Shorthair
  • Burmese Americain
  • Burmese Anglais
  • Burmilla
  • Californian Rex
  • Californian Spangled
  • Ceylan
  • Chartreux
  • Chausie
  • Cornish Rex
  • Cymric
  • Devon Rex
  • Donskoy
  • Europeen
  • Exotic Shorthair
  • German Rex
  • Havana Brown
  • Highland Fold
  • Highland Straight
  • Inconnue
  • 31 other breeds are available. Display all these breeds.

Certificate example for the test : Cat Blood Group by DNA

Click on the example certificate below to open it.



Bighignoli B., Niini T., Grahn R. A., Pedersen N. C., Millon L. V., Polli M., Longeri M., Lyons L. A.: Cytidine monophospho-N-acetylneuraminic acid hydroxylace (CMAH) mutations associated with domectic cat AB blood group. BMC Genet. 2007 Jun 6;8:27. Tasker S., Barker E.N., Day M.J., and Helps C.R., Feline blood genotyping versus phenotyping, and detection of non-AB blood type incompatibilities in UK cats. J Small Anim Pract, 2014. 55(4): p. 185–9.

1- Order DNA test on the website

To order a DNA test, simply add it to your shopping cart on the website.
You can then validate your basket.
At this validation step, you can either pay immediately with a bank card, or pay later by bank transfer or check.

For payment by check, you can send your check when you return your samples.

A sample received will not be processed if we do not have your payment.

2- Register your cats

Once your order has been confirmed, you will be redirected to the animal registration page.
Each of the summed analyzes then corresponds to a row.
For each of these analyzes, you must register the cat in question by clicking on the button : Register my cat.
You will need to fill in the following mandatory information:

  • Animal name
  • Breed
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Color
  • Kind of sample
You can also indicated the breed registry.

The proposed sample types will be those that are possible and available for the corresponding analysis.

3- Download your collection kits

Once the animal has been registered, you can then download the sampling certificate for this analysis by clicking on the button : Download my certificate.
Once this button is clicked, a window proposes you to wait while your sampling certificate is created.
Then you can download your sampling certificate by clicking on the button : Download.
The download file is a PDF file.

It is best to register all animals in your order before downloading your sampling certificates.
In fact, once all the animals have been registered, you just have to click on the download button for any analysis to download all the sampling certificates for the order.

This PDF file contains the simplified instructions for taking the sample and the sampling certificate that you can sign. You will also find links to our website with the detailed procedure for taking the sample.

PDF files can be opened with a PDF reader. We recommend the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software which can be downloaded from this link.

4- Sending your collection kits (Optional)

If you have chosen as the kind of sample: a blood in EDTA tube, then you will not receive a collection kit. Indeed, your veterinarian already has an EDTA tube and will do the blood intake with its own EDTA tubes.

For all other kind of sample, then we will send you your collection kit by postal mail. This kit will be shipped the day after your order and you will receive an email about it.

5- Collect the samples

Take the sample from your animal as described in the downloaded file.
Be sure to use the collection kit provided and follow the instructions carefully.
The procedure provided is one that achieves the most reliable and fastest possible results.

We strongly recommend that samples be taken by a veterinarian. And in this case, the veterinarian must complete and sign the sampling certificate. You will find more information on this link.

6- Send the samples to GENIMAL

Send the collection kits and the sampling certificate to our laboratory

Genimal Biotechnologies
Estaing Nord 1
42140 Virigneux

If you have chosen payment by check, do not forget to attach it to your mail

7- Get the confirmation that the sample arrived

As soon as we receive your mail, you will receive an email indicating its receipt.
You can also view the order tracking to track whether your sample is received or not
In the receipt email and in the order follow-up, you will find the expected deadlines for your analyzes.

8- Get your results

Upon receipt of your samples, we immediately process your order.
Once the results are available, you will receive them by email, postal mail or SMS depending on what you ordered.
The results are also available in your customer area at

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The mutation which determined the blood group in the cat is the CMAH139. We also test a second mutation CMAH136 which in rare cases explained the blood group in cats.