How to collect buccal swab ?

Performing a buccal swab is painless for the animal

Genimal Biotechnologies urges breeders to make a buccal swab to perform their DNA tests on dogs or cats. Indeed, this technique is simple to perform and above all it is completely painless and not traumatic for the animal. However, the dogs or the cats must be at least 8 weeks old to make an buccal swab. The dogs under 8 weeks old can be analysed by sending a próbka krwi.

Immobilize the animal

To make a buccal swab of good quality, it is necessary to keep the dog or the cat well. It is preferable that the dog or the cat has not eaten within the hour before the sampling. It is advisable to be two people, one who holds the animal, the other who carries out the sampling.

buccal swab dog

Carries out the sampling

Place the swab in the mouth of the dog or the cat against the cheek. Rub and turn the swab by pressing on the cheek for 10 seconds. Then, repeat the operation on the other cheek.
The swab should simply be wet. Especially do not take saliva with the swab. Saliva contains no DNA. The goal is to recover cells from the animal’s cheek.

Buccal swab cat

Store the swab

Once the sample has been taken, break or cut the stem 1 cm from the swab and put the swab into the tube containing the preserving liquid. Close the tube tightly. The sample can be stored for 3 weeks at room temperature. However, we advise you to send it to the laboratory promptly to avoid any damage to the DNA. Used bubble or cardboard envelopes for mailing.

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