Различные типы ДНК сертификата

Genimal provides 3 differents kind of DNA certificate

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Отправить по электронной почте

A4 PDF by email
Immediately, the email is sent when the result is validated
Безопасный сертификат ДНК
Presence of the address of the breeder
Email certificate
Good Value


Standard paper sheet in A4 size by postal mail
Postal turnaround – Around 3 days
Безопасный сертификат ДНК
Presence of the address of the breeder
Postal mail certificate
Premium quality

Ламинированный сертификат

A4 PDF by email + Standard paper sheet in A4 size by postal mail
Immediately, the result is sent by email when the result is validated, then also sent by postal mail
Безопасный сертификат ДНК
Absence of the address of the breeder
Plastic coating: waterproof and tear-proof


Laminated DNA certificate

What is a DNA certificate ?

When we validate the result of an analysis, we create a DNA certificate. If you chose the option Email certificate, this certificate is automatically sent to you by email. If you chose the postal mail certificate, we print this certificate and send it to you by regular postal mail. If you choose the laminated certificate, we send you an email with the DNA certificate and we send you a copy by postal mail.

Why choose to receive your DNA certificate by email ?

Более быстрые результаты

You receive your certificates automatically and instantly when we validate the result. You avoid the postal turnaround of 2 to 3 days.

Environment friendly

Less paper and less transport means less pollution (deforestation, carbon emissions, etc.).

More freedom

Possibility of printing it, sending it by email to a client etc.

Better traceability

When you sell your animal, you can keep a copy of the certificate. Easier to archive.

Is an email certificate the same value as printed certificate provided by the laboratory ?

A certificate send by email has exactly the same value as certificate printed on paper by Genimal.
All GENIMAL Biotechnology certificates are secure. They include a unique secure number to avoid false certificates or falsification of the result of a certificate. The purchaser of the bird can thus verify that the analysis has been carried out (false certificate) and that the result has not been falsified (falsified certificate). For more information on secure certificates or to check a GENIMAL Biotechnology certificate, click here.

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