Select your sample to see the possible DNA tests

Each DNA test is feasible depending on certain types of samples. You will find in the list below the different types of samples that we propose. For each of these types of samples you will find which tests we are able to perform.

  • Krv u suvoj cevi
  • Krv u EDTI cevi
  • Buckal pereš
  • Cloakal pereš
  • Izmet
  • Suva krv na papiru
  • Zdrobiti
  • Pogled na oči
  • Pero
  • Rođeni pereš
  • Mane
  • Nasal pereš
  • Biopsija organa
  • Oropharyngeal pereš
  • Rektalna pereš
  • Serum
  • Brisi desni