PKDefPyruvate Kinase Deficiency


liteko fetola maikutlo a ka : Matsatsi a 3-6 kapa Express 3 matsatsi a
ntseng e tsoela pele : Ntseng e tsoela pele ba bangata, ho bona sehlahisoa tlhaloso
disampole : Buccal swab kapa Mali ka EDTA tube, kapa Mali ka lethopo omileng

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N/N : Normal, no copy of the PKDef mutation. N/PKDef : Normal, one copy of the PKDef mutation. PKDef/PKDef : 2 copies of the PKDef mutation, the cat may develop this disease.

What is PKDef Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency ?

Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PKdef) is a genetic inherited disorder that affects red blood cells.
The enzyme pyruvate kinase is used to produce the energy of red blood cells. A deficiency of pyruvate kinase prevents this energy production.
The red blood cells are thus destroyed prematurely and the cat is anemic.

PKdef has been described in many breeds: Abyssinian, Somali, Bengal, Maine Coon, Norvegian, European (gutter), Persian, Egyptian Mau, LaPerm, Savannah, Siberian, Singapura, Exotic Shorthair, Oriental.

Although PKdef anemia may be of varying severity, cats with PKdef have a normal life span. Phases of remission of anemia are usually observed in affected cats.

The symptoms of PK-def due to anemia are lethargy, weakness, exercise intolerance and weight loss.

Red blood cell with PKDef

Red blood cells shaped like stars due to pyruate kinase deficiency.

How to realize the PKDef test ?

The PKdef detection DNA test can be performed at 6-8 months old. Like all genetic tests, this test is very reliable.
The test is carried out using a Buccal swab, which is quick and easy to perform.

Mona ke lenaneng ya mefuta e fapaneng ya disampole hore ba ile ba amohela bakeng sa teko ena:
  • Buccal swab
  • Mali ka EDTA tube,
  • Mali ka lethopo omileng

Interpretation of results

PKdef is due to a mutation of the PKLR gene: 13 bp deletion on exon 5 of this gene (c.693 + 304G> A).
This mutation is hereditary according to an autosomal recessive mode with complete penetrance. This means that this mutation is transmitted to the (hereditary) offspring,
that it is localized on non-sexual (autosomal) chromosomes, that a single copy of the defective gene does not cause PKdef (recessive) and that the presence of the mutation in a cat with 2 defective copies necessarily leads to PKdef (penetrance) complete).
A homozygous result means that the cat carries the genetic mutation of PKdef. This cat will necessarily develop the PKdef during his life.
PKdef therefore presents a major risk:

  • When it comes to a cat for the company, it is important to test the kitten to see if it will develop later by PKdef.
  • When the cat is intended for reproduction, it is essential to perform this test to be sure that they will not transmit the PKdef to their offspring.

The test does not allow to determine the severity of the PKdef, nor the age of onset of symptoms.

Fumaneha ntseng e tsoela pele bakeng sa teko ea: PKDef - Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency

The ntseng e tsoela pele e latelang di a hlokomela:
  • Abyssin
  • Bengal
  • Exotic Shorthair
  • LaPerm
  • Maine Coon
  • Mau Egyptien
  • Norvegien
  • Oriental
  • Persan
  • Savannah
  • Siberien
  • Singapura
  • Somali

Ho utloisisa liphello tsa tlhahlobo: PKDef - Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency

N/N : Normal, no copy of the PKDef mutation. N/PKDef : Normal, one copy of the PKDef mutation. PKDef/PKDef : 2 copies of the PKDef mutation, the cat may develop this disease.
lebitso teko: PKDef - Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency
Gene phetoho liphatseng tsa lefutso: PKLR c.693+304G>A
lefutso: autosomal recessive (boitsebiso bo eketsehileng)
Penetrance: incomplete (boitsebiso bo eketsehileng)
lebaka tekoPKDef - Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency boemo ba (PKLR c.693+304G>A)boemo ba bophelo bo botle
N/NNo copy of the PKDef mutationPhoofolo tloaelehileng (hlakile)
N/PKDef1 copy of the PKDef mutationPhoofolo tloaelehileng (hlakile)
PKDef/PKDef2 copies of the PKDef mutationPhoofolo e, e tla kapa ba ne ba ka ameha

Cross tafole ea teko eo: PKDef - Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency

Mother N/NMother N/PKDefMother PKDef/PKDef
ntate N/N100% N/N50% N/N
50% N/PKDef
100% N/PKDef
ntate N/PKDef50% N/N
50% N/PKDef
25% N/N
50% N/PKDef
25% PKDef/PKDef
50% N/PKDef
50% PKDef/PKDef
ntate PKDef/PKDef100% N/PKDef50% N/PKDef
50% PKDef/PKDef
100% PKDef/PKDef

Mohlala lengolo la bakeng sa teko ea: PKDef - Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency

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