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What is chlamydiosis ?
Also known as “parrot fever”, Chlamydiosis is a disease caused by a micro-organism called Chlamydia psittaci. It is usually found in the lungs and air sacs, in the liver, spleen, intestines and kidneys. Chlamydiosis is often fatal.




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Beware. The chlamydial organism is capable of being transmitted from birds to humans, but this rarely occurs despite the relatively high incidence of infection in birds. Although psittacosis infection in humans is normally mild, it is potentially dangerous for persons who are sick, elderly or immunosuppresed (e.g., AIDS patients).

What to do if my bird had Chlamydiosis?
It is strongly advise to separate the bird infected by Chlamydiosis from the other birds. The infected bird must be treated immediately.

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Feather dust, dried faeces.
Survive for several months in the environment. Chlamydiae are regularly or intermittently shed in the faeces, urine and nasal and ocular discharges. Many birds with no clinical signs can be shedding Chlamydia.

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The treatment is 45 days.

chlamydiosis i luftblåsor

chlamydiosis i luftblåsor

Organism : Chlamydia psittaci
Gene : pmp
Method : EP PCR

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Bakteriella DNA-extraktion

DNA multiplikation med PCR

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