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Prover : Feather, or Dry blood on paper

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Positivt: patogenen har upptäckts i det prov som tillhandahålls. Negativ: patogenen har inte upptäckts i det prov som tillhandahålls.
What is PBFD?
PBFD (Psittacine beak and feather disease) is the most important disease in Psittacids. This disease is widely prevalent in European and American aviculture. It occurs in an acute form and a chronic form.




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Be careful. Most birds infected with PBFD have no clinical sign of this disease. Their feathers remain perfect despite the infection.

What to do if my bird is infected by PBFD?
It is strongly advised to separate the bird infected with PBFD from other birds.

Feather shaft constriction.
Beak malformation.

Tecken på sjukdom
PBFD in feather

Fjädrar som smittats av PBFD virus

Endast Papegojor.
Mainly Cockatoo, African Grey Parrot, Eclectus.




Vertical transmission : parents -> children.
Horizontal transmission : between adult birds.
The virus may be transferred in crop secretions, in feces and in feather dust.

Infektion sökvägar

No specific treatment.
A vaccine has been developed, but is not currently available.

PBFD in Liver

PBFD virus i levern

Organism : BFDV Circovirus
Kind : Single-stranded circular DNA
Gene : ORF1
Method : EP PCR


Viral DNA extraction

DNA multiplikation av PBFD med PCR

Läsa resultatet av PBFD

Typ av prov

Här är listan över de olika typer av prover som accepteras för detta test:
  • Fjäder
  • Torr blod på papper

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