FIP Feline coronavirus


Tests turnaround : 1-3 days or Express 1 day
Breeds : Many breeds, see product description
Samples : Rectal swab

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Positive: the pathogen has been detected in the sample provided. Negative: the pathogen has not been detected in the sample provided.

FIP Feline coronavirus

The Feline coronavirus (FCoV) is at the origin of FIP in cats. The FIP is a widespread viral disease that affects the immune system.

Type of sample

The sample accepted for this test is : Rectal swab.

Available breeds for the test : FIP Feline coronavirus

The following breeds are recognized :
  • Abyssin
  • American Curl
  • American Shorthair
  • American Wirehair
  • Angora Turc
  • Asian
  • Autre Race
  • Balinais
  • Bengal
  • Bleu Russe
  • Bobtail Americain
  • Bobtail Des Kouriles
  • Bobtail Japonais
  • Bombay
  • British Longhair
  • British Shorthair
  • Burmese Americain
  • Burmese Anglais
  • Burmilla
  • Californian Rex
  • Californian Spangled
  • Ceylan
  • Chartreux
  • Chausie
  • Cornish Rex
  • Cymric
  • Devon Rex
  • Donskoy
  • Europeen
  • Exotic Shorthair
  • German Rex
  • Havana Brown
  • Highland Fold
  • Highland Straight
  • 35 other breeds are available. Display all these breeds.

Certificate example for the test : FIP Feline coronavirus

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Kezban Can-Sahna et al.; The detection of feline coronaviruses in blood sampes from cats by mRNA RT-PCR; Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery; 2007


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