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Samples : Droppings

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Protozoan ciliate

What is the intestinal parasites test in birds ?

The intestinal worms are very commonly found on birds. It is estimated that 50% of birds are infected. There is a numerous species of intestinal parasites although the most frequently encountered are ascarias, different species of flatworms, capillaries, megabacteria and coccidia.
Some bird species are more sensitive than others. The bird species that like to forage to the ground are more prone to intestinal worms (Polytelis sp., Platycercus sp., Pyrrhura sp. etc).

The symptoms

A bird infected with intestinal worms does not necessarily present any symptoms.
On the other hand, these birds can have reproductive disorders. For example, the young chicks from infected pairs are commonly subject to sudden death at fledging or at weaning.
Some highly infected birds may die as a result of infection. Some species of parasitic worms may perforate the walls of the digestive tract.

example of intestinal parasites

Some examples of the most common intestinal parasites in bird farm: ascariasis, isospora (coccidiosis), capillary


Transmission occurs between birds, usually when beaked or when birds descend to the ground and ingest contaminated droppings.
These contaminated droppings do not necessarily come from other birds in the aviary but also commonly wild birds that live around the aviary.

Type of sample

The sample accepted for this test is : Droppings.

Screening and interpretation of results

The test is carried out by microscopic observation of droppings (macroscopy, flotation, cytology).

A full detailed report is provided following the test. The presence or absence of each large family of intestinal parasites is indicated:

  • Ascaris
  • Flatworm
  • Capillary
  • Megabacteria
  • Coccidia
  • Protozoan ciliate
  • Candida
  • Acuaria
  • Heterakis
  • Bacteria

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