PDD by PCR (Proventricular dilatation disease)


Reliability 70%

Tests turnaround : 1-3 days or Express 1 day

Samples : Organ biopsy, or Cloacal swab

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Positive: the pathogen has been detected in the sample provided. Negative: the pathogen has not been detected in the sample provided.

What is PDD?

Proventricular dilatation disease (PDD) is an incurable viral disease of psittacine birds.

Differences between PDD by serology and by PCR test ?

Genimal had developped 2 differents tests to detect PDD, by PCR and by serology.

  • PDD by PCR had the main advantage to be a very fast test (1-3 days, Express option 1 days) and the sample is easy to perform because it consists on a cloacal swab. However this test is accurate only at 70%. So this test should be used when the bird health is endangered and you need very fast result.
  • PDD by serology is a longer process (7-15 days) and samples are difficult to collect because we need blood. However this test is 100% accurate.



13 days


All bird species but especially psittacines

multiple sending

Order a pack of DNA tests now and send your samples at different times within the limit of 2 years. For example, you can send 2 samples tomorrow, 3 other in two months etc.

1 day result

Possibility to get the result in 1 day with the express option

Beware. PDD is a very contagious disease. Most of the birds infected by PDD will die. it is highly recommended to test newly arrived birds against PDD.

What to do if my bird had PBFD?
It is strongly advise to separate the bird infected by PDD from the other birds.

Weight loss.
Undigested food in the feces.

Sign of disease
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All Psittacidae
More particulary
White cockatoo
African parrot




Poorly known but very contagious.

Infection paths

No known treatment available.
Quarantine for new bird.

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Organism : Avian Bornean Virus
Kind : RNA
Gene : Prot M
Method : RT EP PCR

Laboratory workflow

Viral RNA extraction

Rerverse transcription RNA to cDNA

DNA multiplication by PCR

Reading of the result

Type of sample

Here is the list of the different types of samples that are accepted for this test :
  • Organ biopsy
  • Cloacal swab

Certificate example for the test : PDD by PCR (Proventricular dilatation disease)

Click on the example certificate below to open it.

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