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Smallest reader in the market
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In a few words

  • Smallest reader in the market
  • Reading distance equal to or greater than other readers
  • USB port and software for windows
  • Languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German
  • Free shipping and leather case

Detailed features

The Mini Reader is the smallest reader known to date. Despite its very small size, the reading distance is equal to or even greater than that of much larger models. This product is mainly dedicated to reading microchips used to identify pets. It reads chips conforming to the ISO 11784/85 standard, that is to say FDX B chips.

How to read a chip?

To read a chip, briefly press the button to activate the reading (the blue led lights up and the screen remains black). As soon as a chip is read, the screen displays its number as 15 digits. The first 3 correspond to the ISO code of the country (France = 250), and the following ones have the unique identifier of the animal.
The Mini Reader automatically turns off in the absence of any action after about 15 seconds.

How to change the language of the Mini Reader ?

To change the language, wait until the Mini Reader is off then press and hold the button for 3 to 5 seconds then release it. The different languages appear successively on the display, each for 2 seconds (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German). To select the language you want to use, briefly press the button when it appears.

How to recharge the battery?

To charge the battery, simply connect the reader to a USB port. When the battery is charged, the green LED stays on. Warning: an insufficiently charged battery can make reading difficult or impossible or decrease the reading distance.


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