Select your sample to see the possible DNA tests

Each DNA test is feasible depending on certain types of samples. You will find in the list below the different types of samples that we propose. For each of these types of samples you will find which tests we are able to perform.

  • 干管中的血液
  • EDTA 管中的血液
  • 布卡尔斯瓦布
  • 克洛卡尔·斯瓦布
  • 粪便
  • 纸上干血
  • 蛋壳
  • 眼拭子
  • 羽毛
  • 生殖器拭子
  • 鬃毛
  • 纳萨尔拭子
  • 器官活检
  • 奥罗法林格尔拭子
  • 直肠拭子
  • 血清
  • 牙龈的拭子