Ragdoll Blood Group by DNA


Specific to Ragdoll

测试周转 : 3-6 天或快递 3 天
品种 : Ragdoll
样品 : 牛签拭子,或 EDTA 管中的血液,或干管中的血液

Sku: ragdoll-blood-group-by-dna 类别:
The specific mutation in Ragdoll is CMAH364. CMAH139 and the rare CMAH136 mutations can also determined the blood group.

A Blood Group DNA test specific for the Ragdoll breed

Generic DNA blood test is not suitable for the Ragdoll. It has been reported to generate numerous errors when comparing to the serologic test.
Genimal has developped a specific DNA test for the Ragdoll which detect the mutation CMAH c.364C>T in addition to the 2 others classical mutations c.136 C>T, c.139G>A.
Our test is based on the work of Gandolfi et al. 2016.

To better understand the interpretation of the results, please consult the product sheet of the blood group DNA test.


  • 布卡尔斯瓦布
  • EDTA 管中的血液
  • 干管中的血液

可用于测试的品种 : Ragdoll Blood Group by DNA

  • Ragdoll

测试的证书示例: Ragdoll Blood Group by DNA




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